Club Bye Laws


  • Membership is open to any person on approval of the committee and on payment of the appropriate fee.

  • Applicants will remain provisional members on submitting the application for membership form and fee until they receive communication from the membership secretary that they have become full members and are registered on the SCA database.

  • The committee reserves the right to terminate or suspend membership at any time for infringements to the club bye laws or gross misconduct.

  • All members and provisional members must abide by the club bye laws.

  • In joining the club, members must acknowledge that the sport of canoeing in its various forms can carry an element of risk and the club accepts no responsibility for injury or loss of life to members in pursuit of the sport, members must agree to the principal of "Volenti Non Fit Injuria".


Club equipment can be hired/borrowed only for its intended use and design. In particular equipment designed for specific purpose e.g. sea boats, polo equipment, specialized paddles etc…. must not be used on water that is detrimental to its use. It is a condition of hire that the hirer is responsible for checking the above with the equipment officer.

  • Club owned equipment is available for members of the club and provisional members at the current hire fee and at the discretion of the committee. It is recommended that new members attend the pool or a club trip prior to hiring any equipment.

  • Fees relating to equipment hire will be set at an A.G.M. and members using club equipment will be subject to the relevant charges.

  • Damage or loss of club equipment MUST be reported to a committee member as soon as possible and subsequently reported in writing within 5 days.

  • Except in exceptional circumstances, club owned river craft will not be used on any water exceeding Grade IV (of the standard Grade I - VI scale) at normal levels.

  • Use of club equipment on rivers is permitted only (i) on club-organised trips or (ii) with the approval of a committee member, the appropriate booking procedure shall be followed.

  • When booking equipment a return date must be agreed with the committee member or storekeeper.

  • Failure to return equipment by the agreed date can be deemed as infringement of the club bye laws.

  • Members borrowing club equipment and losing/damaging same will be liable for at least part of the repair/replacement cost of the craft as agreed by the committee. Craft damaged or lost outwith the scope of the above restrictions WILL be replaced by the member hiring.

  • Members wishing to hire equipment for club events must arrange this via the trip/event organiser, who will have sole control of letting of equipment. His/her instructions will be adhered to.

  • Whilst the club will maintain club owned equipment, it shall be the duty of the hirer to

  • check that the equipment is fit for use and note any damage found. Equipment hired to junior members will be checked by them and the event leader.


  • Members using their own equipment should ensure that is maintained to a standard fit for its intended use and does not become a liability or danger to themselves or others.

  • The club shall not be liable for damage or loss of members own craft and equipment while in use on Club organised trips and events.


  • Members must agree to abide by the rules governing the use of canoes in the swimming pools as laid down by the local Authority and as posted within the pool area or on the club website.

  • The duty instructor(s) is in charge of pool sessions and members attending the pool must abide by his/her directions.

  • Coaches turning up to support pool sessions will work at the discretion and under the supervision of the duty instructor.

  • In addition to Local Authority rules, the following local arrangements apply.

  • No members are to be present at the poolside prior to the official start time or before an instructor is present and takes charge.

  • Members will enter the pool only via the changing room access and use of other doors to the pool will be by permission of the duty instructor.

  • No outdoor footwear will be worn at the poolside. Members requiring to be at the poolside will wear clean indoor footwear or bare feet.

  • Members wishing to bring their own canoes to the pool will do so only with the permission of the instructor in charge. The canoe must be clean and left in the hallway and only brought into the pool after the start of the session.

  • Visitors attending the pool should watch from the seated area around the poolside. Access to the poolside is at the discretion of the duty instructor.

  • Pool booking may be shared by members (by prior arrangement), each using half a session.

  • Members must avoid contact either by boat or paddle with the pool floor or sides, as damage can be caused. Collisions between boats should be avoided. Members performing rolls etc. should avoid pushing up with the paddle from the pool floor.



  • Members wishing to attend the pool sessions must first book a place with the appointed person for this task. This should be carried out in good time for the session being booked and in accordance with booking guidelines.

  • 24 hours notice of cancellation is required for any pool booking or the fee will be payable for the session.

  • Members booking sessions must pay the duty instructor before leaving the premises.

  • Non-members may book a maximum of 3 come and try sessions at the discretion of the committee.


  • Members wishing to book on trips should do so with the nominated organiser well in advance and in any case; not less than one week before to allow for planning. At least 1 week’s notice is required for the hire of equipment.

  • The club reserves the right to cancel events or trips where insufficient interest is shown, or where conditions are not suitable.


  • Junior members can only attend club trips if a suitably qualified coach or leader is present.

  • All members must abide by the decisions of the qualified coach.

  • All junior members most have a completed parental permission slip.